Our Training Approach


Forum Theatre: This technique involves our actors devising a play that includes situations where problems relevant to your staff occur. The scenes are then replayed, with members of the audience invited to come 'on-stage' and actively try out their solutions to the problems alongside the actors.

Role-Play: For communication and negotiation skills. We create roles, in consultation with our client, which our actors play in one-to-one situations. We have experienced facilitators, or we can work with your staff to train in-house facilitators, so that this type of training can be done in small groups, which maximise learning.

Team Building & Creative Approaches to Change: These courses are relevant to companies and institutions that are planning to merge or expand to create new teams of workers, or where staff are facing redundancy. The sessions are experiential and enjoyable, and aim to unleash participant's creativity within a reassuring environment.

Presentation: These workshops include Voice, Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language), Relaxation and Stress Management.

Short Play: We can create a short 'play' to include situations that you want to discuss with your staff. These may include confrontation and conflict situations, interviews or meetings. This provides a measure of 'distance' which enables the audience to discuss problems without feeling too vulnerable.

Telephone Coaching: Professional telephone behaviour; tone of voice; making people feel at ease; leading the way; listing & responding; reviewing what has been said; recording calls; follow up action; handling difficult calls. Role-play can be introduced at any point to demonstrate any of these.


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