What People Say

Dr. Carol Cooper
Tutor, Department of Primary Care & Social Medicine
Imperial College Medical School, London - October 2010

"I have worked with actors from The Harry Partnership for the last 5 years at Imperial College, training medical students in consultation and communication skills. Their professionalism is beyond reproach, and they have been without exception very valuable members of the teaching team, adding greatly to each student's learning experience. I have found all the actors highly adaptable, able to deploy their expertise in a wide range of clinical scenarios.

They bring to the task great sensitivity and valuable insights, enabling them to give feedback that is genuinely constructive and illuminating. Our medical students come from many different backgrounds and cultures, and have varying attitudes, experience, and emotions, but I know that THP actors can relate to them all, invariably striking just the right note. I have no hesitation in recommending them. "


Anita Berlin
Senior Lecturer in Primary Care & Sub Dean for Quality
Royal Free & University College Medical School UCL, London - 7 October 2007

Members of the partnership offer wide experience as actors and educators as well as creativity and energy. They are able to employ a range of techniques working with small and large groups which promote learning and reflection. Not only have they been able to help students through their acting expertise in role play, but they have added extra value through their sensitive and thoughtful observations and feed-back. Course evaluations have been invariably positive.

Over the years members of the partnership have also contributed to assessment in exam conditions and to the evolution of the courses themselves. They have been involved in the development of content and educational methodology. The Partnership incorporates professionals of varied backgrounds and skills unified by shared values of commitment and professionalism, (and a good sense of humour). They are always well prepared, well organised and reliable.

I have learned a great deal working with members of the Harry Partnership this has enriched my own professional practice and I am very proud to be able to endorse their work."

Debra Nestel
Professor of Medical Education
Gippsland Medical School, Monash University, Victoria, Australia - December 2007

"Over the last five years I have worked with actors from The Harry Partnership and always found them to be of the highest calibre.

The nature of our work is often highly sensitive and emotionally challenging for our medical trainees. Actors are expected to work in flexible ways depending on the nature of our training programme.

The actors are consistently reliable in their response to the needs of our trainees and trainers adjusting their performance and feedback as required.

In my experience, for role portrayal and educational support actors from The Harry Partnership consistently work at the highest level."


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